Stuck in the Middle with Martha!- Raspberry-Cream Sandwich Cookies! -283 eggs, 208 cups of sugar, 208 1/4 sticks of Butter, and 262 cups of flour used so far- 10 recipes to go!

December 21, 2012

Martha’s Raspberry-Cream Sandwich Cookies

André’s Raspberry-Cream Sandwich Cookies

Besides my aversion to baking tuiles, a fussy little cookie with a water-like batter that requires spending a significant amount of time baking only three or four at a time, is my extreme dislike of baking sandwich cookies. Not only does one have to create a batter AND a filling, you have to bake twice as many to generate a substantial yield, followed by assembling them into their sandwiched form. They’re a lot of work and rarely are they worth the effort.  Martha’s Raspberry-Cream Sandwich Cookies are no exception. The cookie is a simple drop butter cookie flavored with vanilla bean. The filling is a combination of melted white chocolate and rendered raspberry purée. Natural raspberry flavor, while tart, is still quite subtle. These cookies were sweet- sweeter than I would prefer. The flavor of raspberry is lost in the sweetness of the white chocolate and the intense vanilla flavor of the cookie. Ultimately, the cookies disappoint. They promise the punch of berry flavor but deliver a slight nudge. Ah well… another cookie down.

This has been a helluva year. I lived in a tiny hotel room for six months of it, separated from my friends, my cats, my home, and my husband. I came back to a gazillion changes at work. I got married. Worked on a home renovation. I wrote a children’s book and two plays. Lost almost 30 lbs and took a gig playing piano for a group of raunchy drag queens.

The one thing I didn’t get to do much of was bake cookies or write on this blog. What’s even worse, I’m almost done.  Just a few more recipes and then… TA DA! Fin!

Today, I’m not going to post a story. I’m not going to write a poem.

Frankly, I’m stretched too thin to even think about that.

What I will do, though, is wish each and every one of you the happiest of holidays and a New Year filled with all the things that make you feel loved.

So, preheat your ovens to 350• and bake a batch of your favorite cookies.

Just not Martha’s Raspberry-Cream Sandwich Cookies.

Ho! Ho! HO!


2 Responses to “Stuck in the Middle with Martha!- Raspberry-Cream Sandwich Cookies! -283 eggs, 208 cups of sugar, 208 1/4 sticks of Butter, and 262 cups of flour used so far- 10 recipes to go!”

  1. David and Jenny Says:

    Hey Andre- I am so happy to hear from you again! I want you to see what I took to a friend’s house this week. A Betty Crocker 18 layer cake ( soo easy) and some Christmas finger food jello things. The things are from the web site of Ree Drummond “ The Pioneer Woman”. I love to make anything that is stacked or rolled, or just a ‘lil different. Again, it is a tremendous relief to hear from you, and know you are okay. Merry Christmas ! Jenny German

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