Pour-Rum-Pour-Rum-Pum, Martha!- Rum Balls! -168 eggs, 132 1/2 cups of sugar, 125 1/2 sticks of Butter, and 160 3/4 cups of flour used so far- 82 recipes to go!

December 29, 2010

Martha's Rum Balls

André's Rum Balls

I know I’ve been complaining a lot about Martha’s less-than-baker-friendly holiday recipes but here’s one classic seasonal treat that’s a breeze to make. Not only are they easy, they’re loaded with booze so your minimal effort is richly rewarded.

Rum balls are made by baking a simple brownie recipe consisting of flour, butter, melted chocolate, eggs, salt, sugar and vanilla extract in a thin layer in a large jelly-roll pan. The baked brownies are then crumbled into a stand mixer and beaten with a heck of a lot of rum until it forms a warm, pliable, chocolaty and boozy dough.

The dough is then rolled into one-inch balls which are then rolled in sanding sugar for a touch of sweetness and holiday sparkle.

I added rum and kirsch (a cherry liqueur) to the dough for extra-potency. It’s been a stressful season. Don’t judge.

These were a favorite among co-workers who attended a small gathering after work. I wouldn’t recommend bringing these to your place of work or to gatherings with kids since the alcohol is not cooked out these treats. You will get a buzz going after having two or three. A few more and you’ll be giving the luster of midday to just about anyone.

They are delicious, though and filled with liquid merriment.

So, Joyeaux Noelle, mes amis et Bonne Année!

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