Martha says, “Toast Your Nuts!” – Amaretti Crisps- 6 eggs, 2 cups of sugar used so far- 173 recipes to go!

March 9, 2010

Martha's Amaretti Crisps

André's Amaretti Crisps

So, I served the Meringue Porcupines to my friends last night and brought the remainder to work with me this morning. My friend, Jen, had mentioned on Facebook that she would love one,  so I surprised her by leaving one on her desk. I was delighted to see she featured it in a post on her blog ( ). She even included pictures with a link to my fundraising page- ( ).

I was surprised to hear, for the most part, people liked the Meringue Porcupines. Personally, I thought they were a little too sweet, but hey, to each his own.

Martha has her book divided into cookie categories. The section I have been currently baking from is titled, Light and Delicate. Today’s cookie exploration was one of these decidedly light and delicate cookies – Amaretti Crisps.

If you have gluten allergies, this might be the cookie for you. There is no flour in the recipe. A cup and 3/4 of toasted almonds are ground with a cup of powdered sugar and combined with beaten, frothy egg whites with a touch of almond extract. This mixture is then placed in a pastry bag and squeezed into little rings onto a cookie sheet covered in – you guessed it- parchment paper.

They are then baked for 25 minutes, removed from the oven to cool. While cooling they crisp up into little rings of nutty goodness.

Squeezing this mixture out a pastry bag was like trying to shove a Saint Bernard through a kitty door. Honestly, I thought the bag was going to break or I was going to have a strain-enduced aneurism. I finally ended up making long lines of the dough with the bag and shaped the rings by hand. Seriously, Martha, you trying to kill me on the second, damn recipe? I’ve got 173 more to go, lady!

Martha also says to toast your nuts till they become fragrant. Why does this make me giggle? I’m 42 years old. I should probably grow up… Nah! If any of you are feeling down at any point in the day just think to yourself, “Martha says to toast your nuts till they become fragrant” – a stupid giggle is inevitable.

I do love the smell of almond. My house is filled with it right now. Seriously, if you want a nice, homey, comforting smell wafting through your home then roast some nuts!

Amaretti Crisps- The name sounds like a breakfast cereal from Naples or possibly an Italian drag queen.

I love the Italian language. I know very little. Most of what I learned was from my voice teacher in college who made me memorize all those Italian art songs and arias.

I have a theory that anything in Italian sounds either like an opera or a car.

I drive a Suocera.

Did you see La Vacca Orinare on PBS last night?

Translation- I drive a mother-in-law. Did you see the cow urinating on PBS last night?

I mean no offense to my Italian friends. After all, you gave the world Parmesano Reggiano, so as far as I’m concerned, you’re forgiven for  organized crime, expensive shoes, and the accordion.

So, thanks Italy, and thanks, Martha, for this crisp little cookie with a serious almond bite.

And remember kids, roasted nuts make for fragrant nuts, and fragrant nuts make for happy cookies!

4 Responses to “Martha says, “Toast Your Nuts!” – Amaretti Crisps- 6 eggs, 2 cups of sugar used so far- 173 recipes to go!”

  1. Scott Says:

    Andre, those look great! And I’m pro-anything with almonds. If you bring some to work tomorrow, will you save one for me?

  2. Alarie Says:

    Love it. I’d say you’ve found your calling as a food writer, but no it’s one of many dozens of talents you have–all at a professional and entertaining level. Bravo!

  3. Scott- It’s a deal.
    Alarie- You make me blush.

  4. Jen Says:

    I did indeed love the porcupines (the cuteness more than made up for the super-sweetness), but I have to say that the amaretti crisps were even BETTER!!! They looked like giant all-bran Cheerios.

    So are you baking cookies every single DAY?! I assumed you’d be taking it more leisurely. This is more of an experiment to see how fat you can make your friends! ^_^

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