And so it begins…

March 3, 2010

I am a middle-aged, gay man living in the Mid-West and when you are a middle-aged, gay man living in the Mid-West you have to do something.

I’ve decided to bake cookies. Lots of them.


Why not?

I needed to raise funds for Kansas City’s AIDS Walk and so I issued a challenge to myself which I posted on my Facebook account. If I could raise $3,000 by the date of the Walk, I would bake my way through Martha Stewart’s Cookie Book – 175 cookie recipes.

It’s March 4th and I have presently raised almost $3200.00.


This blog is dedicated to each of the wonderful people in my life who donated so generously to a very deserving cause. Thank you for sending me to cookie hell.

I cannot promise that the writing in this blog will be inspired , enlightened, or useful in any meaningful way,  but after reviewing Martha’s recipes, I can assure you- there will be stories to tell.

Feel free to share this blog with your friends.

If you hate this blog then share it with your enemies.

If you don’t have enemies then don’t start a blog of your own. It would probably be really boring.

And so it begins.

Start your stand mixers!

3 Responses to “And so it begins…”

  1. Angela G Says:

    Does Martha require that you churn your own butter??? 🙂 She can be a real stickler for details! Good luck!

  2. Susan Says:

    I can smell them baking already!

  3. Ellen Says:

    Loved the commentary. I buy lots of parchment paper myself but the only stuff that goes on it into the oven comes from the Barefoot Contessa mixes. So hats off to you Andre. And congrats on your approach to fundraising.

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